Top Dog Trading Reviews

“…a brilliant methodology along with everything else that is essential in trading.” -Bryan

Welcome to Top Dog Trading, where we focus on the bottom line of trading—making money!

While economic theories and the nuances of trading strategies might be entertaining for some people, most of us just want to cut to the chase. In today’s world, that means cutting through the fluff and learning about what works in the modern market—a market that is dominated by high-frequency trading, algorithms, and other technology-based methods.

Trading successfully is not necessarily about who has the most book knowledge; rather, it is dependent on who knows how to navigate the fast-paced financial world in which we all exist. As a businessman, I’m interested in finding the best ways to quickly reach the bottom line—making profits. That is why I decided to learn about trading and develop my own methodology.

“Dr. Barry offers a complete trading methodology that is far above the crowd…” -Ernest

The result was Top Dog Trading. Under the direction of my father, who spent his life accumulating unparalleled trading experience, and the influence of three professional traders that I employed to provide me with the best possible mentorship, I created a straightforward, ultra-effective trading strategy of my own. Now, I am sharing the insight that resulted from that dedication and hard work with you.

“For the price, I would consider this a steal.” -Charles

The feedback on this methodology has been overwhelmingly positive and widespread. I have authored a book, “Trend Trading for Dummies,” which has been featured as a case study in multiple books, including “Using Candlestick Charting: How to Earn High Rates of Return Safely” and “Investing in Derivatives,” and even had two of my pieces receive Readers’ Choice Awards from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine.

The accolades do not end there. From being the headlining speaker at several events across the country to having several articles included in prestigious publications, the reception of my work has been incredibly generous. The number and graciousness of requests for interview, collaboration, and training requests has been genuinely mind-blowing.

“My whole approach to trading/investing has changed thanks to Top Dog Trading.” -Leland

At the heart of it all, though, is you—the people who are embracing the movement that is Top Dog Trading. It takes courage to step out on a limb, to break away from the pressures of what is traditionally considered a safe route, and to pursue something radically different. Without you—and the tremendous results that so many of you have experienced—Top Dog Trading’s methodology would just be an under-utilized idea, no matter the potential. With your help, though, it has grown into a financial whirlwind that has taken the world by storm.

“If you are passionate about trading and you want to be successful, in any market and time frame, Barry Burns methodology is the right path.” -V

That is why we created Top Dog Trading, where you can share your experience with Top Dog Traders. Whether it is the best thing that ever happened to you or you have a complaint that needs to be addressed, we want you to share it with the world and with us. It is this sense of community that will help this burgeoning trading philosophy continue to grow, improve, and gain traction. 

We only ask that you give some details about your experience with our trading course. Share your thoughts, your feelings, your feedback, and your success stories. Give us insight so that we can refine our program to be the best that it can possibly be, and hold nothing back so that those who are curious about the Top Dog Trading course can explore the raw, unfiltered feedback you have to offer!

“Thank you, Dr. Burns, for sharing your tremendous understanding of the markets with us at a very affordable price.” -Mervat

This website is also a resource for those who are looking for a better, different way of trading. If you find yourself looking for alternatives to the mainstream methods that sound great, but overcomplicate the process without resulting in profits, you have come to the right place. Here, you have the opportunity to read through real reviews from real customers to determine if Top Dog Trading is the right fit for you and your financial goals.

Whether you’re new to trading and are hoping to start off on the right foot, or you’ve been in the game a long time and are fed up with the inconsistent information, unsuccessful strategies, and painful financial losses, we are confident that once you see what people are saying about us, you will buy into the Top Dog Trading methodology. It is fresh, it is focused on the actual goal of trading, and it is more than modern enough to excel in our technology-driven market. Do not just take our word for it, though. Check out what actual users are saying about our trading courses, and if you have experiences of your own, please share it!

“I appreciate Top Dog and recommend these resources as part of the essential foundation of any aspiring – or frustrated – trader.” -Mark